Making It Beautiful

11:31 am

Yesterday we started planting flowers in our preschool. The children were in charge. This is a simple and powerful activity. Simple because children are basically digging holes and planting flowers in them. Powerful because the conversations between them were deep.

“This is our pre-school, we are making it beautiful with flowers”

“I like that flowers come in different colors” “I like purple flowers, that is my favorite color”

“Maybe bees and butterflies will come visit our garden”

“Should we water them? Or will the rain water be enough for them?

“I want to give flowers to my mom”

“Shovels are good tools”

“Making holes is hard” “I need to use a lot of my strength”

“I was waiting my turn to plant because we don’t have enough tools”

These comments arise from a simple activity, however, as an educator, I see empowered children who develop a sense of ownership and that keep alive a sense of curiosity and wonder. This is meaningful learning. This is making learning beautiful.

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